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Sense You Qigong is a unique mind and body transformative movement practice, rooted in traditional Chinese medicine.


I have paired the ancient practice of Qigong with carefully curated music, guided meditation, visualization, breathing and vocalization techniques to awaken your deepest emotions and help you process and make sense of what has been unexpressed and held in your body in silence.


Your body wants to communicate with you through your senses, movements, postures, rhythms and breath.


Through gentle, intuitive movements and the awakening of your senses, you can revisit a place and experience in the past, allowing you to feel, unlock and release hidden emotions, stuck energy and tension in your body.


This initiation to discover, express and shift your feelings through sensing and moving, must be experienced from the inside out, touching on something far more primal than the spoken word. I will offer you tools to become aware of the language of your body and the ways you sense, express and hold your emotions.


I cannot wait to move with you. 


Together we will create space for feeling and self-healing, freeing you to infuse every moment with a sense of ease, love, balance and safety in your body.

Sensual Qigong
Sensual Qigong
Sensual Qigong

"When I took Joyce’s heart opening Sense You Qigong class, I felt a PROFOUND shift in my energy. I couldn’t believe what came up for me once I opened myself up to discover what I was hiding inside. Even with all my meditation, yoga, mindful movement and reiki practice, Joyce’s guidance in Sense You Qigong left me feeling more radiant than I have in a LONG time! The stuff that came up energetically was NOT what I expected, which means we really cleansed all corners of my being where energy can be blocked. Joyce helped me clear out the deepest congestion and stale energy I was unknowingly holding onto. I am so grateful to Joyce and the the incredible virtual community she has created."

Alicia Somma - Hodgskin, owner and caretaker of Elevate Yoga, Hazlet New Jersey

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