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Once I gave myself

the gift of Sense You Qigong,

became a gift to others.


"No matter where you are in your life this practice is powerful and relevant.
Joyce taught me movements that allowed me to be in my body, my emotions, really my entire being in a deep, flowing, present and unstuck way.
The profound impact these practices have had on me in my life are long lasting and real. I go back to them daily.
Joyce’s work is worth exploring and committing to, wherever you are in life. Her classes and private sessions are enriching and calming.
I can’t recommend her more highly."

Elizabeth Cutler, Founder of SoulCycle and Peoplehood, New York

"Joyce has created something truly special. From the beginning of practicing with her, I could instantly feel the rich, deep internal wisdom to be experienced in her Sense You Qigong. I have many practices in my toolkit, but Joyce's offerings are particularly special. This woman knows what she's doing. If you feel the call to go deep with her, answer it."

Madelyn Moon, Creative Intimacy and Feminine-Masculine Polarity Teacher

From the first moments of Sense You Qigong, Joyce offered an immediate open hearted welcoming energy, allowing a feeling of being gently and knowledgeably held and guided through an extremely powerful embodied emotion stirring and releasing practice.
The clearing of decades of stuck energy was astonishingly fast and permanent. Energy that had caused great pain and suffering in my hips, holding me back from my love of running and fitness training, was released. Joyce immediately and expertly pinpointed deep relationship issues that had indeed been holding me back for decades and that energy was stuck in my hips.
It has been weeks since my first class and the pain is virtually gone.
In parallel, there have been powerful and extremely significant shifts in my life, in ways I had only dreamed of before joining Sense You Qigong.
I'm honestly blown away by the power, speed and significance of this incredible, deep and moving practice that Joyce has crafted from her mind, body and soul. She beautifully brings together an intimate group of open hearted women who share their vulnerability, were comfortable to do so, and hold each other with powerful empathy  If you're ready for some shifts and changes, even ones buried deep.....jump right in, it's beautiful.

Caroline Martin, Holistic Psychology, Mindfulness and Gut Health Practitioner, Emsworth, England

"Working with Joyce has really helped me connect to my body, intellect and emotions. I've felt a huge shift in all aspects of my life since working with Joyce - it's something you can't quite describe, you just have to experience it. I've found the ancient movements to be so powerful. I can honestly say my sessions with Joyce have altered my life path - the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual shift inside me has been evident to my loved ones. Joyce is such an extraordinary person, with a very special spirit. She intuitively understands what you need to get to the next level in all areas: family, relationships, work. I look forward to my session with Joyce, it's one of my favourite things I do in the week."

Jessica Posner Odede, Mom and Non-profit leader, Nairobi, Kenya

I had the pleasure of first being introduced to the profoundly wonderful Joyce when we hired her and Master Per to perform a Qigong Healing Session during our annual global Peace Summit for the non-profit organization The Peace Studio where I serve as producer. In contrast to all the other people we reached out to, I could immediately tell that Joyce deeply believes in the power of this work and is proud to share it with the world. I had the pleasure of being offered a one-on-one experience to dive into the healing work of qigong and was touched beyond words - at once it felt like all the things that felt stuck in my body were able to be moved energetically.
Once we completed the Summit, I decided to sign up for Joyce's virtual Sense You Qigong Group Classes. I was a little nervous at first because I find this work so intimate and personal and was worried about being in a group setting, however I found that the other women in the class show me how individual the movements can be and allowed me to actually be less self-conscious and truly lean into the work. My experiences in class have been extremely touching: I find the work very moving, at times challenging but in all the right ways, and to have long-lasting effects on my well-being. In full transparency, in many ways I find these classes more efficient than therapy because you get to explore in movement with your body and can actually surprise yourself with the things you uncover.
I am incredibly grateful to know Joyce and the space she provides - especially for women. She is such a force of light and her being radiates right through the Zoom Screen. Thank you Joyce, for sharing all you know.

Stephanie Mareen, Producer at The Peace Studio, New York / Germany

"I recently took part in Joyce’s Sense You Qigong class. Quite honestly, the word ‘class’ doesn’t cut it. It’s an experience. One which touched my heart and soul in ways that I wasn’t expecting. It enabled me to channel and focus on me like no other ‘class’ has.  There was no preoccupation with the usual strength training, toning or weight loss. It was instead a celebration of what makes us women. What Joyce offers - as a person I might add - not just as a teacher, is a deep and, quite frankly, beautiful and rare opportunity to connect with your inner self.  The self that doesn’t get to have the time of day in the rush and chaos of life.  Joyce offers an indulgence in YOU. Whether it’s Sense You Qigong, or private Qi-Coaching, I can’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you Joyce for your courage and belief - and for all you do to encourage and nurture the connection between our minds, inner soul and mother earth that gives us the unique energy we all have within us."

Rowena CF., Grants Committee Chair impact 100 Jersey Coast, Navesink, New Jersey

"I have had an opportunity to practice Sense You Qigong with Joyce in person and virtually. Joyce has the gift to create a field of love, light and connection that can still be felt through our computer screens. She takes us from all over the world on a sensual movement journey into our body, mind and soul to and through energy pathways and chakras. Joyce has created her very own way of Qigong, inspiring us to connect to all our senses, emotions and feelings. Her kind, loving and passionate guidance makes us feel safe, connected, supported and celebrated. She has paired each and every flowing movement to carefully chosen music bringing us in balance, harmony, grounded ,lifted, nurtured and nourished within ourselves and with each other. I have taught many embodiment classes myself and have taken a great variety of classes and workshops over the years. What Joyce offers is unlike anything I have experienced. It is so much more than a class."

Willemijn Botermans, Inner awakening guide and founder of intimate retreat home in Loosdrecht, The Netherlands  

"Entering a Sense You Qigong class is like entering a sanctuary where the feminine is expressed, energized, held, and celebrated. With exquisite grace and beauty Joyce inspires us to give meaning and life to each and every movement. The music is as her image: uplifting, deep and soothing. With intention we release what no longer serves us and ignite our feminine power of creation. We awake physically, emotionally and energetically. We get balanced, grounded and in touch with our heart’ s desires. Discovering Sense You Qigong and Joyce was the gift of the lockdown period. Thank you to my dearest friend Sunčica who introduced me to Joyce and her unique Qigong practice, as well as to an amazing group of women across the globe. Thank you to Joyce for sharing her art with great passion, authenticity love and care."

Anne-Marie Goncalves - Leadership Coach, Hypnotherapist, Energy practitioner. Brussels, Belgium.

"Joining Joyce’s Sense You Qigong classes has brought so much more to my life than I ever anticipated. It has brought community in a beautiful circle of women connecting from all over the world. It has allowed more freedom through movement in not only my body but also freedom in my mind and soul. Joyce creates a safe space in every class to guide and hold us with love and grace to find more of what we seek and to let go of that which doesn’t serve us. Joyce’s Sense You Qigong classes are welcoming, inspiring, grounding and liberating. I am so grateful for Joyce and this sacred circle of movement and more she has offered to us all."

Emily Wilkins, Rising Lotus Healing, London, U.K.

"There are moments in our life where you can feel a huge shift has happened or that your life will be changed forever by an event or a person. When I met Joyce and started working with her I knew that something big was going to change for me … 
The work that she introduced to me and my kids has changed my life profoundly. I have never been able to have clarity on what I want, where I want to be and even what my place in this world is. Once we starting working together and she starting to inspire me to take that time for me and see what transforms…. it’s as if the clouds starting parting and with every movement it became clear to me what it is that I wanted, and who I am. My role in this lifetime. Her energy, words, and guidance have given me peace, direction, clarity, and above all guidance and permission to see the magic that we all have inside and can conjure up with the movements. During my time with Joyce I had other worldly experiences that blew my heart wide wide open. She opened that door to my two young daughters too who now believe anything is possible if you just believe in the magic, the magic of you and working together with the Universe !!.
Thank you infinitely for the gift of you Joyce. We love you so very much!"

Nicola B., Mama, Actress, Philanthropist, French West Indies  

"I have been taking Joyce's Sense You Qigong Classes for almost 2 years and it has made my body stronger and my heart softer, I am sure. I first met her at the recommendation of my physical therapist whom I had been seeing for disk issues in my neck. I was not sure if I would be able to participate, but the beautiful gentle, soft and flowing movements have made a big difference in my range of motion. I am able to move with more space and ease in my body and life. Joyce supported me in how to adjust some of the movements on days I needed it. I have learned so many beautiful movements, breathing and tapping techniques I now weave into my days. Joyce pairs each movement with a beautiful piece of music to deepen our experience, awaken our energy and senses and open our heart. I feel lighter, more joyful, peaceful and powerful since I started participating in Joyce's class. She has a gift to make every woman in our circle feel loved, heard, seen, supported and celebrated. Not only by her but also by way of how she connects us all together so beautifully and gracefully. I have been fortunate to have experienced Joyce's Sense You Qigong classes in person. Her live circles are powerful and magical. Her kind, loving, enthusiastic and passionate energy felt by all. Even though I miss her warm and all embracing hugs, I am so grateful to be able to join her class virtually. There is something very special and heart warming about being able to connect with women from all over the planet during these unusual times. Energy and love can truly travel through time and space and be felt by us all right through our zoom screens. I cannot recommend Joyce's Sense You Qigong classes enough. And now you can join from the comfort of your own home."

Rosanne M., retired caretaker of 2 grandchildren, aspiring artist, Rumson, New Jersey

A few days ago I was writing about something I am designing.

“Because need is not the lack of something but a kind of abundance, and abundance is not a quantity of matter- but a matter of quality, and matter is not a noun, but a verb. A mattering, so that care matters, love matters. Love!”

In that moment, I realized how much those words felt connected with the work and this adventure of the senses I started with Joyce Virani a year ago.


We always start our Sense You Qigong sessions with a sense of need, some kind of hunger for resolving, unblocking… and with her care and love, she is capable to immediately switch me, make me flow and dance.


I am able to explore from the body to the mind and from mind to the body, but the only important pin is the Heart…. Not the muscle, the organ… but as a pillar to pervade with love. Joyce  taught me how to sustain that pillar constantly for myself and for others and I hope we can sustain it together more and more….to let it rotate, sending love out in the Universe.

Francesco Risso, Creative Director at Marni, Milano, Italy

"Joyce has created sacred feminine virtual circles that restore, heal and nourish on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.   
Joyce’s in-depth knowledge, intuition and grace, and a wonderful group of women from all around the world that gather for her Sense You Qigong classes make this the easiest practice to stick to. They are a sacred space on my calendar. Joyce's Sense You Qigong classes are the most effective reset I have ever experienced – they energize me when I am tired, ground me when I disconnect, they bring focus, inspiration and – pure delight."

Sunčica G., Systemic Coach and Consultant, London, U.K.

"This class started subtly for me through the introduction of a friend. I have taken Qigong classes before and even studied in a class in China.  
What is special about Joyce’s class is the connection I feel with the women in the class and the deep connection I feel with myself as the class progresses. Each time at some moment I feel deeply, I sometimes even cry. Sometimes it feels slow, almost like nothing is happening because I think in our habits in America we expect outwardly intense exercise, sweating or ‘painful’ stretching to be evidence of progress or of something being accomplished. But energy is powerful, the energy within us and in our aura that protects and guides us. Sense You Qigong movements along with Joyce’s positive, comforting words create a haven for evolution that just happens, without trying so hard. It truly is a mind-body-and spirit connection. Thank you Joyce!"

Stephanie Schaich Bricken , @juliaandjosephine, chakra shirts and protection pillows & @Seraphim, social herbal beverage, Spring Lake, New Jersey

"Joyce has been a treasure for me since she stepped into my life. As a fellow Qigong teacher I relate strongly to her passion for this precious energy work called Qigong. The way in which Joyce transforms traditional Qigong practices into her own sensual energy movements is unique and of great value. The practices in her lessons and workshops allow us as women to let body, mind and spirit blend together in a beautiful and natural way, helping us to heal layer for layer and on many different levels. Every movement has first been deeply felt within and experienced by Joyce herself before she passes her passion onto us and each motion is consciously put in place to enhance a deep connection with our femininity. In a time where we as women are called upon to step up and claim our role in this challenging world, Joyce's Sense You Qigong gatherings are a powerful way to help us tap into this inherent feminine healing power of ours.
From one sister to another: I love you Joyce!"

Yvonne Alefs, Qigong Teacher, The Netherlands

"There is always light for those who want to find it , but there needs to be someone willing to share the light . That someone is Joyce , the one who never stops seeking the way to spread awareness of positivity and connectedness with one’s own self and with others. Ram Dass said:” If you want to cure the world , don’t emanate fear-emanate love.” This is what Joyce gifts us. In her virtual Sense You Qigong class, she mindfully radiates love into our homes while respectfully observing social distancing of this time. She emanates love and so do we. Thank you Joyce, for creating this wonderful opportunity for us to remotely attend your class and for giving us an opportunity to invite our long distance friends and family to partake in this meaningful gathering that brings light , joy and love."

Azerina F., Artist @Claymeditation @MetamorphosisDentalArt, New Jersey

"Joyce’s Sense You Qigong classes touch something deep inside me… something inside me that speaks deeply to my soul… my spirit inside. Even now with her virtual classes there is a such a sense of connection and community within the group that is deeply felt and transcends all distance. I feel so safe, nurtured and held. Free to fill and feed my soul and be completely free with whatever is being expressed in the moment. I am so grateful to Joyce for her online offerings. Her classes are a gift that provide an anchor to ground, flow, feel and process all the emotions that arise at this tumultuous time."

Sharon Collins, Project Manager , Bradley Beach, New Jersey

"When I took Joyce’s Heart Opening Sense You Qigong class, I felt a PROFOUND shift in my energy. I couldn’t believe what came up for me once I opened myself up to discover what I was hiding inside. Even with all my meditation, yoga, mindful movement and reiki practice, Joyce’s guidance in Qigong left me feeling more radiant than I have in a LONG time! The stuff that came up energetically was NOT what I expected, which means we really cleansed all corners of my being where energy can be blocked. Joyce helped me clear out the deepest congestion and stale energy I was unknowingly holding onto. I am so grateful to Joyce and the the incredible virtual community she has created."

Alicia Somma - Hodgskin, owner and caretaker of Elevate Yoga, Hazlet New Jersey

"Joyce has such a big and beautiful heart with more than enough love and light to pour into each and every one of us. 
What she offers in her workshops and classes is unprecedented. With her warmth, zest for life, passion, enthusiasm, humor and knowledge she has lifted the ancient practice of Qigong to the next level and beyond. Her movements are soft and flowing; her carefully curated music spot on and her sensual way, unique and tantalizing. She has a special magical way in which she feels how to connect all women in her class and how to leave us with a happy heart, feeling radiant, glowing and inspired. She has created a community of women and a safe circle in which we can all feel seen, heard, supported and celebrated. She knows that when women come together we instinctively know how to lift and love each other. Each time I leave Joyce's class, my heart, soul and body smile and I cannot wait till the next time..."

Christel Grijpma, Author of "Meisje Tess", life coach, The Netherlands

"I practice Female Sense You Qigong with Joyce in her weekly group classes. These classes are very powerful for me and support me in not only connecting to my own body, mind and soul, but to also feel supported by the other women in the class. Joyce has created such a beautiful and safe space for us to all come together virtually. Especially in the challenging times we all live in. I feel supported in this group led by Joyce.
I wanted to dive deeper into the practice and decided to purchase a private, personalized Qi-Coaching package from Joyce. In these sessions, Joyce shared so much knowledge with me about the meridians and the organs and the emotions that can be held by each of the organs. She did this with so much patience and love and understanding of what she learned and felt I needed. After our sessions, she would provide me with information, videos, links and documentation about what I learned so I could practice on my own. 
She supported me and coached me, not only in movement, but also in my desire to start my own business in sharing movement with others. I am so very grateful to Joyce and highly recommend both her group classes as well as her private custom tailored Qi-Coaching sessions."

Jacquelien K.D., Body Movement Guidance, The Netherlands

"In the midst of all the chaos of 2020, a beautiful gift was given to me….  Female Sense You Qigong . I live in the UK and have been deeply touched and transformed by the opportunity to join Joyce’s virtual Sense You Qigong class and circle of women. These classes have become and oasis of calm, self-care, community and personal growth for me. I cannot overstate the power of this practice in the magical and sensual way that Joyce brings it. She teaches us to move with freedom and authenticity, to bring forward our intentions and to play with beautiful music, touch, speed and visualizations creating a perfect alchemy that has had a profound impact on my body, mind and soul. Joyce has helped me bring out the light inside of me….thank you!"

Veronica Pretelt, Integrative Psychotherapist, London, U.K. 

"When I met with Joyce I was looking for ways to reduce my stress and improve the health and well being of my family and myself. Chronic stress had taken a toll on my body and mind.  I didn't know what to expect but upon meeting Joyce I was immediately put at ease as she exudes warmth, compassion and competence. Joyce helped me to connect with myself on a deeper level.  She was able to hone in on the underlying issues that were contributing to my stress. Joyce is incredibly intuitive and has a calming presence, which enhances her ability to connect with her clients.  She guided me to identify my strengths and to recognize the roadblocks, which were prohibiting me from reaching my full potential. She empowered me to take charge and trust my own instincts. With the tools she has given me I feel confident that I can navigate challenges that come my way. Her teachings have inspired me to become the person I want to be. Working with Joyce has been an amazing journey and I am better for it. Her presence in my life has truly been a blessing."

Dina M., Author of "Thrive", Middletown New Jersey  

"In the midst of chaos and fear, Joyce has given us an oasis. I feel comforted by the group of women I’ve come to know so well over our years of practice and can feel their gentle embrace as we listen to Joyce’s soothing voice. My body responds immediately, instinctively flowing into the motions that give me so much peace and joy. I always leave the practice inspired and ready to take on my day. I am so grateful that Joyce is offering us this opportunity to practice together virtually during this anxiety ridden time. I know we all need to be together and to circle around this lovely lightworker, our master Joyce."

Gina M., Professor, New Jersey

"As a movement enthusiast I am always exploring new ways of moving my body. What a delight to experience Joyce's Sense You Qigong and to be welcomed and held in such a nourishing and heart led way. Each class is a sublime journey into all the parts of myself that are longing to be expressed. It is such a gift to be guided by Joyce's soothing voice and inspiring movements. Connecting with myself and with her lovely community of women in this way, I always leave tingling with the resonance of our shared experience."

Gabriella Espinosa, Women’s Body Wisdom guide, yoga teacher, nutritional therapist and instructor of The Non-Linear Movement Method, London, U.K.

"I loved being there at your Sense You Qigong workshop last night. Your work is so much of what we need to remember. Connecting and feeling ourselves and each other, balancing our energy to heal, playing, smiling, moving our bodies. It is so special and deeply beautiful, it is a reflection of you. Thank you for sharing you."

Katherine of Light, Light Language Practitioner, New Jersey

"My first experience with Sense You Qigong began about 7 years ago. If someone would have told me back then that my life was about to change forever, I would have not believed it. But it has. I remember taking my regular yoga class at a local studio noticing Joyce setting up right after for her female circle. She was lighting candles and put on some beautiful music. I had heard of Qigong before but never of Sense You Qigong and was not sure it was for me. But Joyce’s kindness and warm energy drew me in to stay. Even though I felt a little strange and uncomfortable trying on these new and foreign soft and flowing movements, I kept on coming back week after week. It was completely different from any movement or body practice I had ever done but somehow it deeply resonated within me. I slowly started to open up my heart to the practice, to Joyce and the circle of women. I knew I had connected to myself in a new way and would never be able to go back to the way I was before. Joyce’s guidance, compassion, care and inspiration touched not only me, but every single woman in our class, ranging from age 16 to 80, including my daughter. She will also tell you her life has changed and our relationship has deepened. We will forever be grateful to Joyce.
A few months into my practice a dear loved one fell ill. It was a time of grief and care. Even though I had to miss class for several months, I was able to draw on all that I had learned and benefit so much from how I had grown. The old me would have felt the unfairness of it all, asking myself why this was happening to poor me. Instead, I felt an inner strength, compassion, acceptance, trust, perseverance, patience, tenderness, caring, and love. My classes with Joyce uncovered feelings I had suppressed for so long and inspired me to discover a strength I did not know I had. I allowed myself to feel desire and start to dream again. I started to believe I could give and received love, find gifts in challenges and difficult situations, feel courageous, and adventurous. But most of all I started to believe in myself. I remember telling Joyce I had changed from a “no” person into a “yes” person. I said yes to new opportunities and new enjoyments. I started to travel. My heart had opened, my vision widened, and my life felt enriched with endless possibilities. I cannot recommend Joyce’s Sense You Qigong Classes enough if you wish to make your life better. I would like to encourage you to try more than one class to start to feel the full benefits of this magical practice Joyce has created. I have since moved away from the area where Joyce teaches and am thrilled she now teaches virtually so I can join again. Today I call Joyce my angel, my savior, my mentor, my inspiration, and my friend. I feel everlasting gratitude for her teachings, kindness and her love."

Michelle Izzo, Florida

"What a delight it was to have a virtual Sense You Qigong class with Joyce. I love that despite what is going on with the Corona virus outbreak, we can still join together to do this much needed practice during this stressful time. It is in this type of self-care that I am able to stay more clear-minded and grounded. This practice helps me to get out of my head and into my body and focus on keeping myself balanced. Even if we cannot practice in person I can still feel Joyce’s beautiful energy which helps me to elevate my energy. I also love that I can see the other women participating which makes it feel like we are together. I feel so much better after the practice, much more ready for my day. Thank you with all my heart for making it possible to continue practicing with you when everything is getting cancelled."

Monika T., Scientific Curator, Artist, New Jersey

"Sense You Qigong has been a transformational experience in my life; certainly, unexpected and I was unaware that the benefits were a missing part of my life. Through a practice of Sense You Qigong with Joyce, I am able to set an intention and keep it. Joyce has a magic about her that she freely gives throughout her classes. I appreciate how she brings us in and out of meditative movements. Her voice is soothing, and she explains what we are about to do, which I find enables me to more deeply feel the energy I am moving, releasing, giving or gathering.  All aspects of my life feel enhanced as I am able to more comfortably navigate my space and interact with others.  I feel closer to my husband as I am able to be my full self.  A specific example of the benefits I have felt is with a horse I recently showed for the first time.  Before the show I set an intention of feeling grateful for the opportunity to ride, to have fun and to not feel anxious or stressed.  I was able to fully execute on this intention and I think that is why I was able to achieve multiple first places!  My husband commented that he felt like I was a different person at this show compared to the last one I did!  I am filled with gratitude that a friend invited me to Joyce’s class and I feel confident in the long term benefits this practice will have on my life.  Lastly, I’d like to add, Sense You Qigong makes me feel like a kid again! The mind imagery I am able to attain during practice reminds me of the magic and power of a child’s imagination."

Sarah Smith, Corporate overachiever - looking to reform, Gilbert, Arizona

"In this hectic, crazy world in which we live, instant gratification, competition, and survival are always at the forefront. It is essential that we, as women- and as people, be mindful of staying in balance:  balance in body, mind, and spirit.  Joyce shares her gift of spiritual enlightenment with great generosity and love. Studying with her has made a crucial difference in the way I view myself, my life, and the world. She is a change-agent for love:  love of self and love for each other.  I am truly grateful to study with her."

Corinda C., Author and musician Highlands, New Jersey

"Thank you Joyce for an amazingly beautiful class. Afterwards I felt lighter, and more connected to my real self.  You took me to that deep sacred place I need to visit more often. Transforming to say the least.  I really loved it and will definitely be back."

Judy M., Travel Agent, Shrewsbury, New Jersey

"Joyce’s Sense You Qigong class is something I look forward to every week.  It’s where I go to balance, move and be part of a community of women. Each time I hear Joyce’s soothing voice, see her beautiful smile and hear her amazing music I am transported to to a place of peace and calm. In Joyce's virtual Sense You Qigong classes we are all within our own homes yet the connection feels deep and my senses somehow become heightened I feel so comfortable in my own space, but I can sense the energy of all the other women as well. I am so grateful to Joyce for creating an online community for us in a time we all need it most."

Michelle Codispoti, Independent Representative with Zyia Active, a boutique style activewear company, New Jersey

"My Qi-Coaching sessions with Joyce have simply been amazing. I am new to the mind-body practice of Sense You Qigong…but I’m so glad I was open to it!  During our sessions I found myself in a deeply relaxed state where time seemed to disappear, physical boundaries dissolved and my problems and worries melted away. There was no separation of body, mind and spirit; I felt integrated and connected to the intimate, serene environment in nature in which we practiced. Not knowing what to expect, her gentle guidance and instruction helped walk me through our sessions; my senses started to awaken and I was left with a feeling of comfort, peace and connection. Thank you so much for your work and for our time together Joyce. I am left with a clear, calm mind, an energized body and a sense of empowerment and well-being. These sessions with you was just what I needed. I cannot recommend working with Joyce highly enough."

Tracey C., Roxbury, Connecticut   

"Joyce's lessons are super powerful and loving. So close to herself, she makes you feel completely at home in yourself.  Empathetic, open, warm, safe and soft.  As a highly sensitive woman you sink so much more into your body. Really a gift for yourself to follow these lessons."

Andrea Roozendaal @Secret of the Rose Deck. Breda, The Netherlands

"As a yoga instructor I have done my own personal excavation, yet these classes bring something entirely unique and beautiful. I am so grateful to have found Joyce and be a part of the tender sangha she has created. Joyce’s class is truly a gift. Intelligently crafted, each session provides a loving container to celebrate the divine feminine energy.  Joyce’s exquisite guidance paired with thoughtfully curated music encourages me to find a deeper level of self-awareness through listening to my body, movement and energy flow. At the end of our time together I feel joyful, renewed and empowered."

Laura Liss, Laura Liss Yoga, Lititz, Pennsylvania

"It was such a joy to move with you and experience your movements in my body! Your presence is so calming and nourishing, and the combination of all the elements you incorporated (music, movement, tapping, visualization, breath, oracle cards, body cues, etc.) really transformed me to the most peaceful and centered state of embodied presence. Ever since class this morning, I have felt an energy of light, love, and protection around me.

Thank you for sharing your gift of this practice so generously!"

Kirsten N., Community Guide, Health Enthusiast, & Student of Life, Indiana

I highly recommend Joyce Virani as an exceptional Qigong instructor. Having had the privilege of participating in her 1:1 classes in the past, I can confidently say that Joyce possesses a rare combination of profound knowledge, skilled instruction, and genuine dedication to her students' well-being. She is deeply knowledgeable about Qigong principles and practices, demonstrating a mastery that can only come from years of dedicated practice and study. Joyce skillfully guided me through each movement and technique, ensuring that I, regardless of being a true beginner, felt comfortable and supported. One of the most remarkable aspects of her teaching is her ability to create a warm, welcoming, and inclusive environment. She paid close attention to my individual needs, offering personalized adjustments and encouragement. This attentiveness not only enhanced the learning experience but also fostered a sense of community between the two of us. 

Joyce is also adept at explaining the underlying philosophies and health benefits of Qigong. She makes complex concepts accessible and engaging, helping me understand how Qigong can enhance my physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Her passion for the practice is evident and contagious, inspiring me to incorporate Qigong into my daily life. Joyce is patient, compassionate, and deeply committed to helping others achieve balance and harmony in their lives.  Under her guidance, I have experienced profound personal growth and enhanced well-being. 

Michael M, Financial Services Technology Manager, NY

"I remember being hesitant to join Joyce's group Sense You Qigong practice. A virtual practice at that. I even felt a little nervous before signing on. I would not know anyone and the class would be taught in English. Not my main language. But I am so glad I went. Joyce's female circle of women is a true gift. To all of us. We feel close to one another. Some of us practice together every week and some women are newcomers. Every single woman is warmly welcomed by Joyce and all of us. In the beginning and at the end of each  class Joyce has created a safe space for each and every woman to take a brief moment to share how they feel. It supports us to inspire each other and to recognize someone else who is going through the same challenges or celebrations you are. These moments have quickly become something I look forward to and have learned from. I now feel free and open to share not only the good but also the not so happy feelings and emotions. The screen has melted away for all of us. We truly feel connected, seen and heard by Joyce and by each other. Joyce guides, listens and cares for us with her warm smile, open heart, beautiful voice and magnetic energy. She has created this unique form of Qigong from her many years of experience and shares her knowledge with us with an infectious passion and enthusiasm. Her teachings come straight from her heart. I started out a little shy to move in a group of strange women, but now I look forward to move and dance with abandon and a great sense of freedom and surrender I did not think I would have.  It is simply magical to see and hear how each and every woman looks and feels different after class. We all feel lighter, more at peace, radiant, rejuvenated, sensual, positive, hopeful, trusting, grounded and balanced. I am so grateful to Joyce and the women in her circle for being able to meet and move with each other.  Especially in a time when we cannot meet in person, Joyce's Sense You Qigong group class has become sacred to me."

Ely de Rijk, Hospital and Senior Living volunteer, The Netherlands

Have you ever noticed how amazing it is

that our throat lies

in the middle

of our heart and our mind?


It's as if we've been perfectly designed

with this divine connection to express

what we think and what we feel.

Bekkah Foxx

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