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Sense You Qigong is a self-healing movement practice paired with music, storytelling and the ancient knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is based on the idea that the energy of emotions we have not been able to fully feel, process and express can get stored in the cells of certain organs in our bodies and arise in us as symptoms. 


Specific gentle movements, meditations and breathing techniques can help you to explore the stories around how you feel. With your body and senses as your instrument you can compose and rewrite your narrative.


It’s amazing to see how music, movement and storytelling can help in moving people to a place where transformation can occur. 

Many of us have forgotten the language of wisdom in our bodies.


Through lyrical, intuitive movement and the awakening of our senses we can remember ourselves home. 

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This class offers you tools to create awareness of the ways you sense, experience and hold your emotions and a safe space to discover, express and shift your feelings through movement.


Specific gentle movements paired with carefully curated music help you to explore the stories around how you feel. Listening and moving to a powerful piece of music can evoke and awaken our deepest emotions and help you to process and make sense of what has gotten held in your body in silence. 

There is such a beautiful intimacy between movement, music and feeling. 

Tending to our undigested emotions and feelings - sometimes from experiences a long time ago- frees us to fully express and connect to ourselves and others.



1 class

We welcome you into our female circle to meet and move with us. Connect with me if this is your first Sense You Qigong experience. I will welcome you 10 minutes before class starts to answer any questions and give a little bit of information about what we do in class. 



5 classes

You would like to learn a little bit more about Sense You Qigong before diving in deeper. You wish to become more familiar with each of the movements in your body and create awareness of the ways you sense, experience and hold your emotions.



10 classes

You have experienced a few Sense You Qigong classes and love the way this unique practice makes you feel. You are ready to journey deeper into awareness of the ways you sense, experience and hold your emotions and explore these unique movements in your own way. 



15 classes

You love Sensual Qigong and you know and feel what it does for you. You have experienced a sense of freedom, exploration and transformation within this practice. Sense You Qigong has become a way of life for you.


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In my Private Qi-Coaching Programs I combine wellness coaching with the movement wisdom of Qigong to awaken your energy, heart, and senses. In this unique virtual and or in person experience I will provide you with information, tools and Sense You Qigong movements supporting you to experience life more fully, move more easily through challenges and tap into your body’s own healing power.



Through The Art of Qigong healing and Sense You Qigong movements paired with music, visualization, conversation and breathing techniques, we will guide you home - home in your mind, body, and heart. You are invited to awaken, experience, explore, express, and process physical, mental, emotional, and energetic imbalances, leaving you feeling grounded, rejuvenated, inspired, creative and alive.

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If you wish to treat a woman you love to a Sense You Qigong experience, please share her name with me and the amount of classes and or Private Qi-Coaching experience you wish to gift her. I will create a personalized gift card from you for her.

"Joyce has created sacred feminine virtual circles that restore, heal and nourish on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.   
Joyce’s in-depth knowledge, intuition and grace, and a wonderful group of women from all around the world that gather for her Sense You Qigong classes make this the easiest practice to stick to. They are a sacred space on my calendar. Joyce's Sense You Qigong classes are the most effective reset I have ever experienced – they energize me when I am tired, ground me when I disconnect, they bring focus, inspiration and – pure delight."

Sunčica G., Systemic Coach and Consultant, London, U.K.

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