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Sensual Qigong is a mind and body moving meditation combining the ancient Chinese wisdom of Qigong with carefully curated music, guided meditation, vocalization, and visualization inspiring you to not only mindfully be in the moment, but also feel and experience the moment with all their senses, energy and awakened heart.

This unique practice invites you to move, feel, unlock and release unfelt or unexpressed emotions, stuck energy, and tension in your body, to create space for the energy of healing, relaxation, joy, creativity, and love to rush in and flow through.

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In my Female Sensual Qigong Group Classes

I invite you to come home to your sensual body, your creativity, flow, pleasure, curiosity and intuition. To come home to your wild and open mind with visions of your dreams and desires. And to come home to the powerful healing energy of passion, joy and unconditional love in your heart.

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1 class

We welcome you into our female circle to meet and move with us. Connect with me if this is your first experience. I will welcome you 10 minutes before class starts to meet before we move. 



5 classes

You would like to learn a little bit more  about Sensual Qigong before diving in deeper. You will become more familiar with the movements in your body so that you can start to feel them in your heart. 



10 classes

You have experienced a few Sensual Qigong classes and love the way this unique experience makes you feel. You are ready to journey deeper into this self care and self love practice and explore the movements in your own way. 



15 classes

You crave Sensual Qigong. You love it, you have experienced the sense of freedom within this practice and allow each movement to move you and awaken your mind, senses and emotions. Sensual Qigong has become a way of life for you.

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In my Private Qi-Coaching Programs I combine wellness coaching with the movement wisdom of Qigong to awaken your energy, heart, and senses. In this unique virtual and or in person experience I will provide you with information, tools and Sensual Qigong movements supporting you to experience life more fully, move more easily through challenges and tap into your body’s own healing power.

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Through The Art of Qigong healing and Sensual Qigong movements paired with music, visualization, conversation and breathing techniques, we will guide you home - home in your mind, body, and heart. You are invited to awaken, experience, explore, express, and process physical, mental, emotional, and energetic imbalances, leaving you feeling grounded, rejuvenated, inspired, creative and alive.

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If you wish to treat a woman you love to a Sensual Qigong Experience, please let me know her name and the amount of classes and or Private Qi-Coaching experience you wish to gift her. I will create a personalized gift card from you for her.

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“I recently took part in Joyce’s Sensual Qigong class. Quite honestly, the word ‘class’ doesn’t cut it. It’s an experience. One which touched my heart and soul in ways that I wasn’t expecting. It enabled me to channel and focus on me like no other ‘class’ has.  There was no preoccupation with the usual strength training, toning or weight loss. It was instead a celebration of what makes us women. What Joyce offers - as a person I might add - not just as a teacher, is a deep and, quite frankly, beautiful and rare opportunity to connect with your inner self.  The self that doesn’t get to have the time of day in the rush and chaos of life.  Joyce offers an indulgence in YOU. Whether it’s Sensual Qigong, or private Qi-Coaching, I can’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you Joyce for your courage and belief - and for all you do to encourage and nurture the connection between our minds, inner soul and mother earth that gives us the unique energy we all have within us.”

Rowena CF., Grants Committee Chair impact 100 Jersey Coast, Navesink, New Jersey

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