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I feel fortunate to have worked with so many talented and wonderful photographers for magazines such as as Elle, Cosmopolitan, Vogue and Marie Claire, but what I loved most from my days in front of the camera was the opportunity to  travel and live all over the world connecting with many different people- their beliefs, cultures, food, rituals, desires, passions and their stories. This picture above was taken in Jaipur, India by the incredible photographer and dear friend David Dobson. I love beautiful jewelry and fabrics. Wearing this amazing wedding sari made me feel so very special and brought back memories of visits from my Indian family bearing beautiful silks and jewelry as gifts. Visiting India is a trip I will never forget. The smells, the sounds and colors, the wonderful kind people, and delicious food. A true feast for all the senses. ⠀

"I don’t think modeling changed or affected how I viewed the outside of my body, I grew up being confident in and grateful for my strong healthy body and always enjoyed taking care of it with the right food, grooming and exercise. But, I never really learned how to feel sensual in my body, tune into my body, listen to my body and feel free to express all of my body. Modeling put a lot of focus on the way I looked and how people viewed me but did not teach me how to feel empowered in my body for me. The fashion and beauty industry is mostly focused on creating an image; being sexy and sensual and beautiful to make someone else feel good not to make you feel good for you, for your own pleasure!
I have met a lot of beautiful women in my modeling career, but only a few who feel truly connected to their body, their heart and soul. Only those women truly shine their inner light of beauty that comes from loving themselves, and because of that are so incredibly attractive, sensual, feminine and empowered! They have learned how to feel!
I learned much later in life how to be that woman, how to nurture, love and take care of me and feel so  passionate to share this with other women. This is where true beauty and wellness comes from and it resides in every woman!"

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