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Music is a language that speaks to the heart and soul. It must be experienced from the inside out. It touches on something far more primal than the spoken word. 

There is such a beautiful intimacy between movement, music and feeling. 

Hidden within the art of lyrical movement lies the story of our emotions. Tending to your undigested emotions and feelings - sometimes from experiences a long time ago- can help you to move to a place where transformation can take place.

Every time I take a Sense You Qigong pause, I am able to give myself much-needed rest and downtime to re-energize and listen to my body. I find balance between doing and being, thinking and feeling, structure and flow, action and reflection and everything else starts to fall in place and make sense.

The music I carefully and passionately curate, brings me even deeper into the sensations of the movement. Music helps me to connect, feel, unlock, and release unfelt or unexpressed emotions, stuck energy, and tension in my body, to create space for the energy of healing, relaxation, joy, and love to rush in and flow through.


I truly get so excited when I find the perfect piece of music, taking me to that place where I can completely lose myself in melodies, rhythms, and the flow of my Sense You Qigong movements. 

Sometimes, even after just one song and one movement, I feel cleansed, refreshed, energized and calm at the same time. I feel less worry and stress and a sense of peace and trust. I feel more connected to myself and others. 


Many of my clients and students ask me about the music I find and share. Below are two playlists for you to move with. Please stream, share, play and move to the beautiful music these incredible artists have created. 

Childhood pictures taken by my dad
Childhood pictures taken by my dad
Childhood pictures taken by my dad
Childhood pictures taken by my dad

If I asked you to tell me a memory from high school, you would be able to tell me a memory. But, if you listened to a piece of music from high school, you would actually feel the emotions.

Valorie Salimpoor, neuroscientist at McGill University



Sense You Qigong Play List

If you're in a place of peaked stress, in three to five minutes of a piece of music, you can get to a place where time seems to warp, you get lost in imagery. There are wonderful ways to get to that sweet spot such as meditation, but music has a sense of immediacy and familiarity that is utilized intuitively and ubiquitously so that we in music therapy bring that intentionality to a person in pain or anxiety in the hospital.

Kathleen Howland, Ph.D., Professor of music therapy



Sense You Qigong Play List

"I have been practicing Sense You Qigong with Joyce for about many years. I came into her class with some prior qigong experience, but the way Joyce has created Sense You Qigong, has taken my practice to a whole new level and quite frankly has changed my life! What makes Sense You Qigong special and unique is the music Joyce so carefully chooses to go with each movement. The music forms a bridge for me between my mind and my body, allowing me to feel into the practice on a much deeper level. The music quiets my mind, draws me into my body and helps me to connect to and process my emotions and feelings. The beautiful melodies and rhythms find a way into my body and are the key to the mind body connection that ignites all my senses in Joyce’s class. The songs paired with the movements Joyce has so beautifully curated have become part of my body's memory in such a way that even when I am perfectly still, just listening to the song, I am immediately transported to an emotion and can recreate the feeling of the movement."

Veronica Pretelt, Integrative Psychotherapist, London, U.K.

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