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In my Sensual Qi-Coaching program, we take a journey together into the physical, energetic, and emotional world of your body.

This Sensual Qi-Coaching program combines wellness coaching with the movement wisdom of Qigong to awaken your energy, heart, and senses. In this unique experience I will provide you with information, tools and Sensual Qigong movements supporting you to experience life more fully, move more easily through challenges and tap into your body’s own healing power.

Through Sensual Qigong movements paired with music, visualization, conversation and breathing techniques, I will inspire and guide you to uncover and discover what it is you desire, need, want, wish and long for and what beliefs, thoughts, habits, emotions, and memories of emotions may be stored in your body, hindering not only the flow of energy in your body, but also the flow of energy you radiate out into the world with which you set intentions, manifest and fulfill dreams.

Once energy starts to flow freely, love and healing energy can rush through your body. Your connection to self and others may shift and a balance between sharing and receiving may be found. You may find a feeling of ease and peace, a sense of trust and joy. Your senses and your ability to connect to your feelings and intuition may be heightened. You may start to feel less anxious and worried, less frustrated, and irritated, less sad, and somber, less impatience and scared. The energy of these emotions and or memories of these emotions, when not fully being felt or safely allowed to be expressed can get stored in the cells of certain organs in the body. The organs may become overloaded and as a result may start to function less well for you.

It is my passion to inspire you to activate and cultivate a deeper relationship with your 5 senses connected to 5 organs in your body, elements, seasons, sounds, colors, emotions, and movements. We will find a beautiful balance between talking and thinking, and feeling and moving. It is in this balance and the combination of yin and yang, flow and direction, being and doing, knowing and sensing, the magic of this Sensual Qi-Coaching program can be found.

Students share with me their Sensual Qigong practice opens up their heart, their mind, their body and soul. Their energy feels soft and sensual yet strong, calm yet energized, grounded yet lifted, creative and focused, balanced, and relaxed. Their mind feels open, expansive, inspired, clear, and focused. Their heart and soul awakened, alive, connected, passionate, joyful and vibrant.

They feel turned on, creative and connected to their intuition, their desires, and the world around them. They glow. 

They have learned to move with all their senses activated. To 

not only practice the movements, but also feel the movements.

Sensual Qigong offers an opportunity to play. This is where the exploration and sense of freedom and creativity lives within your body to be curious about how the movement feels just right for you in that very moment. You will then be able to take this sense of exploration within your body out into your life and take steps forward towards what you want, need, desire and long for.

I would love to take you on a journey with me and create a program just for you, welcoming you wherever you are in this very moment in your life and start there. 

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Private Qi-Coaching: Testimonials

Prior to working with Joyce, I had developed a lot of awareness about triggers, blockages, and wounds in both my spiritual and creative practices. However, even with all of my awareness, I was having a difficult time moving through these emotions, memories, and sensations. I felt stuck.

What I loved about working with Joyce is that we combined verbal reflection and dialogue with targeted physical movement. Each week we studied a different organ, along with its corresponding elements and emotions. Then I practiced moving the energy through my body through qigong. 

This practice has helped me develop a holistic way of nurturing my health and wellbeing, where I can combine intellectual and sensory information, to better heal my nervous system and create a new baseline of resiliency and calm. I am so grateful to Joyce for her deep listening and tender care. 

Megan Pinto, Writer

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