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Qigong is an ancient Chinese energy practice to achieve health and longevity.

It is relaxing and invigorating, helping to both calm and energize your body tapping into the self-healing medicine that is already inside of you.

It is thousands of years old, rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the predecessor of Acupuncture.

I have created Female Sensual Qigong from my many years of Qigong practice to inspire you to not only mindfully be in the moment, but also sensually feel in the moment, experiencing your body, mind and soul with all your senses activated.

It is such a beautiful mind body practice.

Each movement activates energy flow through your body. Your breath powers up your energy, your visualization gives your energy direction and your senses have you feel and experience your energy.

Through soft flowing movements paired with carefully curated music, guided meditation, breathing, visualization, vocalization and self-massage, it is my wish for you to come home to your sensual body, your creativity, flow, pleasure, curiosity and intuition. To come home to your wild and open mind with visions of your dreams and desires. And to come home to the powerful energy of passion, joy and unconditional love in your heart.  

This practice invites you to to feel, welcome and unlock unfelt or unexpressed emotions and stuck energy in your body so that the energy of healing, trust, peace, kindness, ease, passion, pleasure, uplift, creativity and love can rush in and flow through.

Leaving you feeling rejuvenated, revitalized, centered, connected, sensual and empowered from the inside out.  

Sensual Qigong is a practice of self love and self care. A practice of receiving and sharing. Of play and discovery.

Each movement is never the same because it never feels the same.

There is not one or perfect way to practice. The only way is your way in that very moment in time - making the movement your own, finding your rhythm, exploring different ways to move your body that feel good to you. 

Many women experience a deeper connection with self, intuition and others, more energy, less worry and stress and a sense of peace and trust. 

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"When I took Joyce’s Heart Opening Sense You Qigong class, I felt a PROFOUND shift in my energy. I couldn’t believe what came up for me once I opened myself up to discover what I was hiding inside. Even with all my meditation, yoga, mindful movement and reiki practice, Joyce’s guidance in Sense You Qigong left me feeling more radiant than I have in a LONG time! The stuff that came up energetically was NOT what I expected, which means we really cleansed all corners of my being where energy can be blocked. Joyce helped me clear out the deepest congestion and stale energy I was unknowingly holding onto. I am so grateful to Joyce and the the incredible virtual community she has created. "

Alicia Somma - Hodgskin, owner and caretaker of Elevate Yoga, Hazlet New Jersey

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