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Full Moon Year End Sensual Reflection and Touch

Updated: Jan 16

Photo of me #bradharris Quote @alanwatts Art @cosmiccollage Word Collage @prismandfleur What are the first three words you see for the new year? I saw healing, elevation and creation.

For the Senses

May the touch of your skin Register the beauty Of the otherness That surrounds you. May your listening be attuned To the deeper silence Where sound is honed To bring distance home. May the fragrance Of a breathing meadow Refresh your heart And remind you you are A child of the earth. And when you partake Of food and drink, May your taste quicken To the gift and sweetness That flows from the earth. May your inner eye See through the surfaces And glean the real presence Of everything that meets you. May your soul beautify The desire of your eyes That you might glimpse The infinity that hides In the simple sights That seem worn To your usual eyes. @JohnO'Donohue The Shortest Day And so the Shortest Day came and the year died⠀ And everywhere down the centuries of the snow-white world⠀ Came people singing, dancing,⠀ To drive the dark away.⠀ They lighted candles in the winter trees;⠀ They hung their homes with evergreen;⠀ They burned beseeching fires all night long⠀ To keep the year alive.⠀ ⠀ And when the new year’s sunshine blazed awake⠀ They shouted, reveling.⠀ Through all the frosty ages you can hear them⠀ Echoing behind us — listen!⠀ All the long echoes, sing the same delight,⠀ This Shortest Day,⠀ As promise wakens in the sleeping land:⠀ They carol, feast, give thanks,⠀ And dearly love their friends,⠀ And hope for peace.⠀ And now so do we, here, now,⠀ This year and every year. #SusanCooper via @kristalii found and shared with me by @profgmm

Female Sensual Qigong Movement. Tune in, feel, desire, gather, direct and receive. Music "Il Gigante e La Balena" by Fabrizio Paterlini

​Hello my love, How are you feeling? In these last few days of the year under a full moon. Jen Fountain writes so beautifully and poetically about it in one of her IG post: "2020 has been quite an emotional rollercoaster of a year, to say the least. We've been holding on for dear life, riding its tumultuous waves and learning to navigate the oceans of our emotions through uncharted territory. How prescient is this last Full Moon of this strange year rising in the watery and emotional Cancer. Let us straddle this last Lunar Wave of the year with stride. This long year has unraveled slowly and erratically at our feet. Here at the end of its unfurling, it's hard to ignore the restless yearnings for excitement and burst into the New Year. The horizon holds secrets we may or may not be able to bear. Let us pause a moment right here. Let us pause and reflect on the year that just transpired, before diving into the deep unknown. This year has tested the strength we carry in our bones, the structures of our lives and the worlds within us and around us. Some of these bones were broken. Some of these bones need time to heal. How different are you today than you were this time last year? How have you broken? How have you healed? When it feels like your ship is sinking, what do you jettison and what do you keep? One of the gifts of this year was the gift of distillation. When your life is stripped down to its bare bones, what are you left with? Only what matters. Cancer Moon asks us to sit still for a moment to reflect upon the watery surface of our emotions until that which is lurking beneath reveals its face. So we may reconnect with this face and recognize it as our own. This year may not leave us feeling like we have much to celebrate, and our hopes for the future might be overshadowed by the clouds of ominousness, with the deep knowing that we have much work to do. But right now, in this moment, it is enough to mark the metamorphosis you have gone through. To honor your endurance. It is only when we align ourselves to the cycles within that we can align ourselves to the cycles without. In your reaching out into the world to find something to pull into yourself. In your reaching into yourself to pull something out to offer back to the world." I especially love these last words Jen wrote. They connect beautifully with an excerpt from “Belonging: Remembering Ourselves Home” by Toko-pa Turner. She writes in her IG post: "If I have learned anything from this time, it is that we are more resilient and resourceful than we know. Even when things are at their lowest we have so much yet to give. I want to share a special passage from Belonging that started the writing of the book. It’s the idea that we must be that which we are longing for: “Where you long for the friend who calls only to find out if you’re well, be that caller for another. Where you long for eloquent prayers to be made of everyday things, let your own clumsy words bless your meals out loud. Where you wish for ritual under the moons, be the one who holds the heartbeat of gathering. Where you ache to be recognized, allow yourself to be seen. Where you long to be known, sit next to someone and listen for insight into what they love. Where you wish you felt necessary, give those gifts away.” I am so grateful for all of you beautiful women because we have done just that my dear ones. We have sat together this year albeit virtually. We have blessed each other, celebrated each other, cried and laughed with each other. Shared of our love, support, stories, care, energy and sensuality with each other. We have spoken and listened, we have gathered, taken up and held space, we have connected to ourselves and each other's dreams and longings. We have reflected and manifested together. We have touched ourselves and each other deeply. Moved with each other and moved each other profoundly. As I will sit tonight with the full moon and reflect. l honor all of you and thank you from the depths of my heart for walking with me this year. It is your love I will take into the New Year with me and the beautiful memories we have created together. Maybe you will reflect and journal with me in the next few days and ponder some of the beautiful questions below I found @Shaneymarie. I love to practise the Sensual Qigong Movement above while I reflect on what I desire to bring with me into the New Year. I love how this movement makes me feel. How it connects me to all my senses. The sound of the music, the touch of my hands, taste in my mouth, smell, inner and outer vision. I love the soft flowing grace when I move my hands around, tuning into what I desire and wish for. I love the inner power I feel when I gather and direct what I long for to my heart, receiving into my womb. Planting the seeds of my dreams and manifestations. I love to play with the speed of the movement, the quality of self touch and the rhythm of my breath. I will practise this movement tonight under the light of the full moon and call in all I desire and long for. Maybe you would like to do it with me. I hope you will come this Saturday in the new Year to practice this movement with each other. Below you will find some music, art, an article about touch and self touch, an article about the full moon and about the season of Capricorn. I hope you will enjoy this newsletter as much as I have loved creating it for you. Much love and my wish for you to step passionately, openhearted, filled with the energy of possibilities, trust and courage, connected to your senses, creativity and intuition towards all you desire and wish for.


MUSIC INSPIRATION "Memories" Original by Maroon 5, co-written by Adam Levine Performed by@onevoicechildrenschoir

One Voice Children's Choir

One Voice Children's Choir (originally known as the 2002 Winter Olympic Children's Choir and Studio A Children's Choir) is an American children's choir in Utah.

The group was founded by Masa Fukuda in 2001 after he composed the song "It Just Takes Love" for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah. He asked students to help make a commemorative CD for the Olympics. Some of the students also were "children of light" performers for the Olympics, whom he volunteered to help train. After the Olympics, 25 students wanted to continue singing together, and Fukuda formed the choir as a nonprofit organization to continue working with them. They have grown into a choir with 140 members ages 4-17.

It is their mission and collective passion to help people overcome adversity, hard times and life's challenges through music and uplift and inspire through the power of their voices.

MUSIC INSPIRATION G.F. Handel's "Hallelujah" chorus performed as never before More than 350 voices united, virtually, in a great hymn to optimism.

Presented by La Caixa Foundation

"At ”la Caixa” Foundation we believe in people and their capacity to grow, work and overcome adversity. We believe in education, culture and research as drivers of progress. We believe in a society with more opportunities. We believe in a better future for everyone and we work in thousands of projects to build such a future. In collaboration with hundreds of organisations and thousands of volunteers, we join forces to combat poverty and exclusion, to promote excellent medical research, to bring culture within everyone's reach and to improve the education of children, both today and tomorrow.

#ISing Hallelujah is a new participative digital project that has brought together more than 350 people performing the 'Hallelujah' chorus from Handel's Messiah from their home.

With a novel visual proposal by Igor Studio, the participative choral video merges the images sent by the 352 participants with those recorded in the Basilica Santa Maria del Mar in Barcelona in which a group of people discovers how the participants appear integrated into the wonderful architecture of the gothic basilica. In the same way, the audios of the amateur singers have been integrated into the audio recorded by the Orquesta Barroca Catalana and the choir Barcelona Ars Nova.

Before submitting their recordings, the participants followed the instructions of the video-tutorials published on our website without having details of how the final video editing would look like. On this final video is where they all get together, meet for the first time and discover the result of their work.

A total of 352 people between the ages of 14 and 82 were encouraged to live the experience of performing this master piece of the symphonic-choral repertoire by sending their recordings.

This project represents the second time that our participatory musical activity, which has a long tradition of more than 25 years, goes digital after the success of #ISing Viva la Vida."


"colors of the Moon" @Marcellagiuliapace

Full Moon in Cancer

Words by Tanaaz @foreverconcious

"2020. What a year it has been. Even though this year has turned things upside down for so many of us, it is important we look back on the gifts, even if they are hard to find.

What gifts were sent your way this year?

What did you learn?

What did you discover?

How have you grown?The December 29-30 Full Moon arrives in the sign of Cancer. There is this sense of heightened emotions bubbling under this final Full Moon of the year.

It seems that whatever emotional weight we have carried may feel extra heavy, and in this heaviness, it may crash to the shore like a wave, drowning us in its weight.

Even though this sounds a bit intense, it is actually more cleansing and freeing.

There is this sense that whatever we have been carrying on our backs, whatever weight of the world we have felt on our shoulders, is now being washed away.

Let it go. Let the flood gates open. That’s what this Cancer Full Moon whispers to us as we bring to a close the year of 2020.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so the Moon shines in its element on this night, big and full for all of us to see. As the Moon returns to its favorite spot in our sky, it is able to express its powers to the fullest.

The Moon represents our emotions, but also what makes us feel safe and secure. It represents our ability to nurture ourselves and to take care of our emotional needs.

So much of our safety and security has been up for evaluation this year, but the Moon reminds us that all is not lost. It reminds us that we always have the power to create safety, comfort, love, and warmth right within this bodily vessel we call home.

We are being called within. We are being called to nurture the home of our soul.

Take time to listen to the needs of your body, heart, and soul. There has been much attention, and even fear, placed on the state of our health this year, so take pause to honor, nourish, and attend to your own well-being.

If you remember all the way back to the start of the year, on January 10, 2020, we also had a Cancer Full Moon, however, this Full Moon was a Lunar Eclipse and its energy was much stronger.

It is interesting that we opened the year with a Cancer Full Moon and we are now closing the year with a Cancer Full Moon. The difference between then and now however, is that things have softened, the energies are not as strong, there is this sense that we can rest.

Cancer is the 4th sign of the zodiac, and 2020 was also a number 4 year in numerology. The number 4 represents the home. It represents the heart of who we are and feeling at home within ourselves.

Most of us have spent so much more time at home this year. What has this shown us? What have we discovered along the way?

The energy of this final Full Moon of 2020, reminds us that we don’t need to prove ourselves to anyone.

We don’t need to hold the weight of the world on our shoulders. We don’t need to try, we can just be.

Where are you over-extending or overreaching in your life? Where are you burning the candle too fast or strong? Where are you trying too hard?

We very often measure our productivity based on the concrete things we have achieved, but why not measure it on how much we have loved, shown gratitude, and practiced kindness. How much have you grown and how much love we have poured into the world.

The Cancer Full Moon will light the path for the new year. It calls for us to let go of all that is weighing us down and all that feels heavy.

It asks for us to let go of anything we no longer wish to bring with us into this new chapter we are about to begin. It calls for us to let it go, not through struggle or effort but through allowing ourselves to just be.

Allow the waves to crash and fall around you. Allow the waves of your emotions to be washed away back out to sea.

Let the vibrations of the Cancer Full Moon soothe you and free you. Allow the energies of the Moon to guide you to your inner home, where all is safe and all is well."


How Our Sense of Touch Keeps Us Radically Connected to Ourselves

By Esther Perel and Mary Alice Miller

Photo of me @oliviafrassinelli

"We simply can't live without touch.