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My logo is inspired by The Rose of Venus with an additional circle created in the center symbolizing connection.

Connecting all of us in the circle of life.

Connecting women in our in person and virtual Sensual Qigong gatherings and workshops. 

Connecting the five petals of the Venus Rose representing the five senses, elements, organs, seasons, colors and sounds we awaken in Sensual Qigong.



Words below from Tanaaz, intuitive astrologer @foreverconcious

"On June 3, 2020, Venus became a morning star, signifying the Rebirth of Venus.  As Venus is reborn so too is your own heart center.

Venus will be in the direct path of the Sun, so we won’t be able to visibly see morning star Venus until June 13. This is another day to observe and a time for ritual work as well.

The Rebirth of Venus is similar to the energy of a New Moon and is a powerful time to set intentions, especially when it comes to themes relating to our relationships, love, values, and money.

While we experience the rebirth of Venus every 18 months or so, this year is extra special as Venus is also completing a larger, 8-year cycle forming a perfect geometric pattern of 5 flower petals that looks like a Rose. Also known as the Rose of Venus or the Pentagram of Venus.

As Venus is reborn on the 3rd of June, so too are we.
All the work, all the effort that we have put into our heart, our truth, and our inner voice will finally come to fruition and we will emerge as a flower in full bloom. We reach a state of fullness but also new beginnings all at the same time.
Each of the 5 petals we have so dutifully worked through over these last 8 years also carries a significance we can look at.
The first petal began forming on June 2012
At this time, a seed was planted deep in your heart. At this time you may have met someone that changed your views or your ways. You may have fallen in love or out of love, or discovered a new love for yourself.
The second petal began forming in November 2014
At this time, this small seed began to rise up through the darkness and out of the soil. You may have been encouraged to diver deeper and to explore the commitments of your heart. You may have been navigating the new discovery that emerged back in 2012.
The third petal began forming August 2015
At this time, the little green shoot is growing taller and forming leaves. Ideas are being crystallized, a new vision is slowly emerging. Your heart is being stretched to new dimensions of love, forgiveness, and compassion.
The fourth petal began forming March 2017
At this time the green shoot forms a tiny bud that is waiting to bloom. There is a new clarity, a deeper sense of understanding. Some of the bigger questions start to make sense. You learn to love like you have never loved before.
The fifth petal began forming October 2018
At this time the bud is half open, waiting to reveal itself to the world. Over the next 18 months the flower will open and will reveal its truth to the world. A time of embracing your authentic truth.
June 3rd, 2020
The flower has now returned to a seed again so a new one can be planted and begin again. The cycle has been completed, the journey has ended, and a new one is on the horizon.

Here are the dates of the remaining 4 petals to come. Track your experience over the years and see what themes your Rose brings:
January 9, 2022
August 13, 2023
March 23, 2025
October 24, 2026

June 1, 2028- A new rose begins
The Rose of Venus as seen from Earth is a reminder of the sacred geometry and mystical patterns that always exist in life.
As we walk our journey, we are always encouraged to keep moving forward but also to revisit parts of ourselves so we can keep diving in deeper."

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