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Master Per will provide virtual, distant qigong healing from Bali, Indonesia. 

His powerful qigong energy work will travel across time and space to unblock energy that keeps your life force from flowing freely – boosting your immune system, releasing physical and emotional stress and imbalances, leaving you feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, grounded and connected.  

Master Per van Spall is a spiritual guide of Chinese Indonesian and Dutch descent from the Netherlands. Partially raised by his Chinese grandmother, who was knowledgeable in traditional Qi Gong and gifted with paranormal intuition, his western upbringing contained a touch of eastern inspired spiritualism.

Per is a certified Master in the Art of Qi Gong Healing. He provides Body-Mind guidance to promote physical well-being, spiritual growth, and emotional healing. His understanding of western rationalism paired with his deep connection to eastern spiritualism allows him to act as a bridge and support for people as they tap into their own intuition and feel more connected to themselves.



Before our Female Sensual Qigong practice, Dr. Ameet will share a beautiful emotional healing meditation with us. 

I have known Dr Ameet for many years and it is always an absolute joy to be around his uplifting and kind energy. 

About Ameet

Dr. Ameet combines naturopathic medicine, functional medicine, psychotherapy, family constellations, EMDR and trauma therapy to help you heal your mind and body for optimal wellbeing. 

Voted top 43 therapists worldwide, his online program and bestselling books have helped thousands of people heal from anxiety, depression, hormone issues, obesity, fatigue and chronic health conditions. 

Online sessions and free videos on healing anxiety, depression, leaky gut, liver toxicity, adrenal fatigue & stress are available on



Eniafe’s words make me feel with all my senses. Her poetry so sensual. Her art fills me with hope and make me feel understood. ⠀

Her love for words run in the family. Her mother is a poet too. They share a love for the meaning and feeling of each word. The history and culture around words. There is a depth to Eniafe’s words that resonate so beautifully within me and my sensual qigong practice. I am thrilled to be able to unite both in this upcoming workshop. We will practice sensual qigong while Eniafe will recite some of her beautiful poetry. It will be a feast for all the senses. 

⁣About Eniafe Isis

“In a line: ‘I’m just a girl finding herself, discovering her voice by using it.’ I’ve made a living out of bringing ideas, dreams and visions to life. A California native, I spent 13 years in New York City before returning home. My former life as a ballerina and an opportunity to train with the world renowned Dance Theatre of Harlem brought me to New York. I touched down in the City a 16 year old girl and left not only as a full grown woman but a professional savant. I established my grounding in event production and project management through my tenure at Russell Simmons’ Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation. Since my departure from the company in 2010 I’ve flexed some entrepreneurial muscle and established my own company, e x i concepts, and also birthed a creative baby by the name of all her words. When asked recently, by my mother, to share my thoughts on what I believe my purpose to be I said, I am here to invite us to go deeper into ourselves, to honor our own gems (as in wisdom) and mirror the most elevated versions of who, how and why we are.”

Yoga in the Woods
Yoga in the Woods
May 12, 2025, 8:00 AM
San Francisco,
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